Our Facility

Welcome to Skookum Creek Tobacco Company

Our facility, located in Shelton Washington, is designed with our surroundings in mind. Built with an eye towards growth and expansion, we first implemented FDA food grade flooring and other attributes long before it was required. Our 70k sq. ft. production and warehouse facility allows for efficient flow of goods while maintaining plenty of space for our continual maintenance and cleaning programs. We have implemented recycling programs both internal and external to our facility, and have already participated in conservation programs surrounding water and electricity. We have pride in our home and surroundings, and see this represented in the way we take care of our surrounding nature.

Our facility has also made a large commitment to Quality Assurance and Quality control. As one of only a few small manufacturers that have their own QA lab, we consistently provide quality products to our consumers by testing our products throughout the manufacturing process. From the time the raw tobacco comes into the facility to the time it leaves in the carton; we have stringent quality checks and observations, and follow up with our consumers on product satisfaction. We can see the results of this commitment to quality by our consumer loyalty and continual growth of our brands.

Our facility also allows us to invest in training our people and continually support those looking to learn new aspects of the manufacturing process. With multiple machines we can provide training opportunities and watch our people gather new skills and more confidence. Participating with manufacturing, our warehouse program continues to develop the skills of new employees as we see them then move to the production floor or into our maintenance department. Management roles have been filled by those who have come from this production floor, as they are now in positions to influence and assist those who are still learning. We take pride in our community and invest in our people through programs within the facility.